Google NewsWhy more women are taking trucking jobs  Fox BusinessTrucking 'bloodbath': Around 4,200 trucking payrolls slashed in Sept.  Business InsiderA major trucking company just slashed 10% of its workforce — and it shows the trucking 'bloodbath' isn't over  Business Insider NordicTranscript: The 2020 Candidates: Andrew Yang  Washington PostRich Lowry: Andrew Yang, snake oil salesman  Lewiston Sun JournalAndrew Yang’s basic income can’t do enough to help workers displaced by technology  Vox.comToday’s Pickup: Automation won’t eliminate the job of truck driver, study says  FreightWavesWhy don't tow truck drivers clean up after wrecks anymore?  The Denver Channel“Nuclear verdict” kills 540 truck carrier  FreightWaves

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